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Photography or music degree?

I’ll be 21 if I were to start uni in September next year. I have completed a year at uni but didn’t like the course. I’m more serious about my degree choices now as I messed about for a year and realise how stupid that was. I think I have three years of funding left for another degree.

My previous course was animation and I didn’t get on with it all. The course was mind numbingly unambitious so I’d like to change. I think photography instead as I’ve always been interested and think I’m pretty good at it in my spare time. I’m interested in photographers like Juno calypso and Irving Penn, Herman Leonard. I like 1950s photography/ black and white photography as well.

I however, I have also had a passion for music/ radio/ podcasts so producing music/ working in radio also interests me but I have no musical skills other than listening to it 24/7 and having music history knowledge.

Which degree would be better? I have an a level in art. And foundation diploma in art as well- so background wise it would make more sense to take photography. But I’m still not sure.

In terms of careers after photography I would be interested in fashion photography/ working for magazines or wedding photography. I’ve been looking at Leeds arts University, AUB, Cardiff met, Manchester met etc. I went to a RG prestigious uni and didn’t like it there that much.

Music/ radio I’m not sure what degree I could pick to go into that.

Any opinions/ advice would be great!

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