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Canadian PM says ‘far right’ misleading Muslims on gender ideology

Now it doesn’t really matter which side you come down on the issue of gender ideaology and all that but you really cannot make up the stuff that the Canadian om says can you? Other worldly some of the nonsense he comes out with, not to mention (rather ironically) discriminatory - talking down to an entire section of society because his ideology happens to differ from theirs 🙄
Id like to see him go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan etc and say it. He wont though as he’s a coward.

And it isnt a surprise - the go to argument to differing views from him and others with his way of thinking is ‘you dont understand’ or ‘you’re misled’.
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I don't see anything unreasonable about what he actually said, and besides this tabloid has conveniently left out all the context surrounding his statement so we have no idea what prompted his response. From the sounds of things it was probably his attempt at a measured response to some eyerolling claptrap about schools teaching kids to be gay or something.
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I wouldn’t put anything past Trudeau. He’s one of the slimiest most untrustworthy leaders in a democracy today.

Although he is funny to watch. Justin Trudeau claiming he had absolutely no knowledge of some of the suspect donations made to the Trudeau Foundation was funny to watch, you could see even he didn’t believe what he was saying.
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It doesn't really matter as his followers have been stripped of any critical thinking, they will believe whatever dumb nonsense he says if it reinforces their ideology. This is a religion.

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