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TV shows make me feel like my life is boring

I love watching shows because who doesn’t ??
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Original post by jellymilk
I love watching shows because who doesn’t ??
But I feel really sad afterwards because I feel like the characters in the show have this awesome, fun life and my life is so boring in comparison. I know the show is fictional but still I can’t help but feel that way. I know the most obvious solution would be to stop watching shows but that’s never going to happen. How does everyone else deal with this?

Maybe try more exciting things like join a club, travel, do more days out, go on picnics, join a dance class. Go out and do exciting things
Whenever I think that my life got boring, I just remember the past and the last years in particular to persuade myself that it is the other way round. The things they were happened are almost enough for the rest of my life span. :redface:
Sometimes i can see this happening but everything happens for a reason in ur life and altho u may think its boring other people might find that its the opposite.I say if ur enjoying what ur doing then keep doing what ur doing
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There are 2 situations simultaneously happening here:

1) Your life is not as exciting as you wish it to be.
2) You would like the format of real life to be more like a TV show you like.

1) can be remedied, if not fixed, with:
a) doing exciting stuff, hoping that exciting people will either want to do that exciting stuff with you or that you'll meet exciting people there or that you'll just find the act of doing that exciting.

b) doing not necessarily intrinsically 'exciting' stuff but doing so in places where people either deem you exciting enough that it improves your self image and/or social circle, or in places where there are exciting people, or living in a place that excites you.

2) is impossible to achieve. However, it is possible to create the illusion, however short or long term it may last, that this can be achieved if you are fortunate enough, or travel on a sometimes arduous journey, to be in the right environment with the right people that makes you feel like the world can centre on you.

I suggest that it is unspoken a function of 'society' to excite. That's why we have public parks and museums and arts centres and theatres and cinemas. We must use these public tools to complement the more private tool of watching TV.

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