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Pre-reg pharmacy (foundation training year) - what to expect?

Hi, I’m starting my multisector pre-registration training next week and I am feeling quite nervous. I feel like I don’t know anything and I’m especially nervous to counsel patients as I feel like I’ll be put on the spot if there is something I’m not too sure about.
I was just wondering if this is a normal feeling for everyone? Generally how do they prepare you to start counselling patients? Would they talk you through it first or just throw you in the deep end with it?

I’m not too worried about the dispensing side of things as I worked in a pharmacy as a dispenser so I have experience with that.
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Just came across this and wondered how you are feeling about counselling patients now?
Normally a lot of the OTC stuff states on the packaging doses and such. With extra counselling points for example: Threadworm and maintaining household hygiene, you pick up over time or after hearing other colleagues counsel. Hopefully you're feeling better about it.

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