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How to prepare for results day and clearing

Results day can be nerve wracking but there are ways you can prepare just incase you don’t get the results you wanted.

The most important thing is to remain calm and to focus on your own results. Remember not to compare your results to others and to be proud of what you have achieved. Remember all the work and effort you put into your revision and not to get disheartened if you have received a lower grade than what you would have liked.

If you haven't gotten the results need to get onto your course don't stress there is always Clearing! This is a second chance for you to get into a university. I’d recommend researching Clearing and the courses that are available at different universities, so you know which ones you’d like to contact on results day if you need a place.

If you are feeling worried or anxious remember to speak with your friends and family as they are your support system. If you don't want to worry anyone then post a response to this thread I will try to help you through these emotions or give you any information you need about Clearing.

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