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Politics Masters 2024 - Cambridge, Oxford or Manchester?

I am starting to prepare my applications to do a masters in politics or politics & IR, starting in 2024. I did my undergrad degree in history at Cambridge and I would love to go back to do the MPhil in Politics and International Studies, but unfortunately I only got a 2:1 (67) and the course says it requires a First. I am still intending to apply as I have some relevant professional and volunteering experience, and I am just trying to make my research proposal as strong as possible, although I'm not hopeful about being accepted.

I am also looking at applying for the two year Politics MPhil at Oxford, although I think even if I was to be accepted this might not be a financially viable option.

My next option is the Politics MA at Manchester, which I think I have a fairly strong chance of being accepted onto. However, I'd love to hear from anyone who has experience of this course about how you found it, how good the teaching is etc?

If anyone has been offered a place on or has done any of those courses, it would be great to hear what your experience was like, and if you had any tips on how to strengthen my applications?
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