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Hi all just wanted some advice on this topic
So basically I was supposed to do a presentation on the 31 st of March this year however was experiencing technical difficulties and had to submit an EC claim because of this. My claim was supported was given another chance do to this assessment as my first attempt and uncapped. Now fast forward to this July I got to resit my exam however mid way through presenting my device switched off and left my unable to finish off my presentation I was left with 2 slides and a good 6 minutes to my presentation. I got my results and I was 36/40 4 marks off. As this was my first attempt I thought I was entitled for another go as I didn’t get to have a chance in March. I believe that my circumstances out of my control have influenced on my grade. After speaking to my course director, she has stated that I could appeal and that she will be supporting my appeal. I am just wondering if I do meet that grounds of a successful appeal or not as I do not intend on resisting that year just because
Of the 4 marks I missed out of out of
My control.
Tha k you
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I don't really understand how your device switching off was outside your control...
...nor what this has to do with public sector careers...

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