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Why do I do hurtful things when angry?

The other day I ripped up photos of my boyfriend and his mum in anger. Not anger at my boyfriend but anger at how his mum treats me. This was weeks ago and my boyfriend just saw a fragment of picture and now he’s so angry. Obviously.

I can’t explain why I did it I was just so angry and needed something to rip so I ripped the photo - perhaps I should’ve thought more and ripped my own pictures, not pictures that don’t belong to me.

I’ve always had this issue, when I lived at home my dad annoyed me so I ripped up a baby photo of him & I, and then it just causes more arguments.

I’m clearly just a horrible person ?!? But I don’t feel like this all the time it’s just when I feel a sense of loss and anger
You need anger management .
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Is this your coping mechanism
Out of sight, out of mind?

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