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Help with understanding grade classification at my uni!

My university mentions that to get a distinction, I must get

A Weighted Average Mark of 68 or more over 180 credits AND

a mark of 70 or more in 90 credits

Till now, my average score is 70 for120 credits without my dissertation. However, out of these 120 credits, I scored 70+ only on three subjects and these three subjects have a combined credit of 50. So when it mentioned 90 credits, do they calculate according to module or including assignments too? Because some of the modules that I did not score a 70 in, I still got high 60s.

To make it easier to understand, my marks are:

Module 1- 69 (20 credits)

Module 2- 75 (20 credits)

Module 3- 74 (20 credits)

Module 4- 64 (20 credits)

Module 5- 67 (20 credits)

Module 6- 62 (10 credits)

Module 7- 80 (10 credits)
Your module marks already factor in your assignments.

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