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3 or 4 a levels?

I'm entering year 13 and applying for cambridge maths and I'm predicted 4 A* in maths, further maths, physics, chem, however I find chemistry slightly more difficult than the other 3 and I'm concerned I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time revising for it when I could instead be preparing for STEP. Do you think it will affect my chance of getting an offer if I drop it? Maths, further maths and physics are all very similar subjects so I'm not sure if they would kinda expect me to do 1 more.
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If you get an offer it will be based only on 3 A-levels, plus STEP obviously. There is some useful info on Cambridge's Maths faculty page: the FAQs include 'Should I take 4 A-levels?

'What do we look for?' is also useful, more generally.

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