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Should A-level Maths or A-level Statistics be compulsory?

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No, nothing should be compulsory at A level, students should be free to choose what they want to study.
Original post by ajj2000
People also make soft excuses about languages, history and a load of other things.

Do you think its a cultural failure that the community around them don't stress the value of maths (and other subjects)? Or the long term effects of poor levels of education turning into a multi-generational problem?

That's a really interesting question. I do think there is a cultural aspect of it, mainly because (in my experience) the most common subject I've heard people say they hate is maths and second most common phrase I've heard people say is that maths is useless. I think it primarily stems from the education in maths people have received, I find that if a student gets confused or finds a maths topic difficult to grasp they quickly give up and they stop trying. In these cases, I feel that the way maths is taught needs to be more of encouraging students to think differently and communicate their ideas and methods, because then we are letting students be curious about the subject and they might eventually formulate their own theories and concepts with the right learning. This will allow the actual field of maths to progress as well as students' learning, as we learn by doing and gaining experience rather than just absorbing information.

It could also be a multi-generational problem, because some children observe what their other family members or peers feel (in this case about maths) and they may learn to believe that maths isn't right for them, just because their peers and family members dislike the subject. It could also be partly from what we see from media, if children are influenced by the people they see on media, their opinions would be based from the portrayals they see online. But there are so many factors from this so I may not be fully correct

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