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Should I apply to LSE??(as an IB student)

I’m an international student studying the IB (M24)and am considering if I should apply to the Bsc Econ course at LSE. I study AIHL instead of AAHL(the desired stream as stated in the admission website) and is predicted a 777 in my HLs (AIHL,Econ, Business management) + 766 (SL chem,Eng A and another language A respectively) + 3bonus points, so 43/45. What are my chances of getting an offer when I apply next year?? Or should I even try to apply??
Has anyone been given an offer into the samecourse despite studying AIHL?? Thanks a lot.
I don't know about LSE, but you would be able to get into the Bsc Econ course at Lancaster University as long as you got 35 points overall, 16 points total in your HLs, and 6 in AIHL. This website shows that Lancaster University accepts AIHL.

-Kao (Lancaster Maths & Stats Student Ambassador)
(edited 10 months ago)

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