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being failed at work?

My manager is always giving me less creative work to do. The work that I'm being given never allows me to work in a team and I just feel really isolated.

I've keep telling management my issue and it's very rare that I get to do something creative. It's not just creativity, I want to improve my skills. I'm not learning in the work I'm doing, theres no skills or anything.

My manager is giving everyone else more creative work, where they can get praises and work together in the team and I'm just left doing the boring work which no one wants to do.

My manager spoken to me about not contributing enough to the team. Because I work in isolation all the time and I don't get to do more creative work where all the team working happens, I'm just unable to contribute as much to the team apart from praising my team mates work.

I only see the final work, I'm not in their planning meetings so I'm not fully across on whats going on.

They're letting others strive and I feel like I'm being failed on, there is just no balance.

I really want to work in the team, but it's just very difficult.

Am I being failed on?

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