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withdraw or fail a repeat year?

Hi there, I am just looking for advice if someones been in my position or similar. I had failed my final year in Bsn nursing and was given permission to go off book with assessments only for this year to complete the module, unfortunately life circumstances changed and i wasn't able to complete it. Im wondering am I better to withdraw from college now instead of having another fail on that module? Also if anyone knows what my options would be to finish this degree in a few years time?
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I will advise you to take a break to rest and think about your career options. Why did you choose to be a nurse? What would you have done if you didn't study nursing? Remember that this is not a quick answer. I understand that nursing is challenging but I believe that you can come back stronger to finish your degree. I wish you all the very best in making the most crucial decisions ever. You are stronger than you think. Hugs💐💐💐

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