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Let the steam out- a rant/feelings thread

Thread where I rant mainly about stuff within TSR rules as there's things I sometimes want to get off my chest. I can be really ambiguous about what I'm talking about or really precise, depends on what and who I'm referring to.Feel free to post and rant about stuff here as well. I don't like keeping a diary/blogging so this is more me using this an excuse to rant or say positive things instead posting in other places. I definitely need to have better self-esteem and positivity as a person though. This isn’t blog as I ain’t about creating that kind of stuff.Mods please don't move the thread as I want to be anon and it also lets others post under anon.

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Disliked that it turned into a big block of text
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We’ll see if i actually bother to use this thread
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Maybe helpful to have but doesn’t mean that I’ll use it.
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Feels like I’m pressuring but I hate doing that crap most of the time. Also need to write a CV.
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Could do with having this thread more organised though despite it not being a blog, might bother with that later though.
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Feels fake
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Need to be on the internet and here less
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The internet isn’t as cracked up as it’s meant to be, you need to appreciate real life stuff more
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Good day today, mostly.

There’s still other thing though because I don’t like being robbed.

and the lack of a certain item but other than that good. That thing was nice.
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Playing up again :colonhash:
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4G turned on and charged roaming when I didn’t turn on my 4G 🤦🏾*♀️🤦🏾*♀️🤦🏾*♀️
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Annoyed- proper p
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Can’t remember what I was annoyed about though
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Nah, just nah
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Still haven’t finished reading that book though, I ought to read it. Didn’t even read the other ones that I was planning on reading
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Original post by Anonymous #1
Feels like I’m pressuring but I hate doing that crap most of the time. Also need to write a CV.

Started but not finished
Original post by Anonymous
Started but not finished

me with further reading lol
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Original post by Anonymous #1

me with further reading lol

Further reading on the reading list?

Yeah I that book I need to finish reading is on the reading list (I don’t technically have to read it as a result but I want to and the book is cartoony and short).

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