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Starting at Peter Symonds - What do I need to bring?

In September I will be starting at Peter Symonds, studying Music, Spanish and the Italian from scratch course. I haven't really had much info from the school about whether I should be bringing a laptop or notebooks or what, and after eventually deciding to bring my laptop, I've seen tons of people online that just use pen and paper, and now I'm paranoid that I won't learn as well or that I'll be the only one. I can't seem to find any statistics or anything for me to figure out what the 'norm' is. What do you recommend that I bring each day, should I get a day folder? What is a day folder?! It's all over tik tok and I have no clue! Do I need binders? Can someone let me know what they used during year 12 and whether they liked it or what they would change?
Thanks so much! Sorry for the last minute panic!
Alice :biggrin:
Just do it how you want to, no one will force you to do anything, there might be some teachers that don't like laptops in their lessons, that is dependent on each separate teacher. Personally I wrote everything down with pen and paper, but a lot of students use their laptops and Ipads in lesson, dont worry either way you'll be fine.
You can use binders to keep your own notes and classwork etc sorted, i just have loads and loads of plastic wallets where I store all my notes as I look at them frequently and I keep them close by. Binders will also work, just do what is best for you.

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