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Would you rather study or start working as soon as possible?

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I wasted years working.
I have learnt that from getting a job at Mc Donald’s at 16 when I wasn’t mentally good, was a good idea for making money and also getting better alongside but I have had a lot of regrets from not getting proper help and actually trying in my studies. Now, I am using years of my life to make up for it.
Education is important! <3 and is actually worth it if you want to do a job that requires a qualification.
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I see you have changed the title to something less one-sided - much better 😊
Original post by Anony345533
As in some people say you got your whole life to work, why not study more, what are you going to do in the outside world, and others say start working as soon as possible.

I would rather do both. Work to pay for studies, which I need in order to work where I want to. I want to be a psychologist, so I need to study for that. Decide the job you want first, then determine whether you need to study to get there. I would be miserable working my entire life as a cashier or a farmer, but right now I have both of those jobs while studying.
I'd rather have a part-time job during studies and after an undergraduate/integrated masters, I'd want to go straight into employment. That's mainly because that's the main goal for me. However, if I enjoy the degree a lot I'd still be open to a postgraduate/further study
Rather to work as soon as possible. I already hated it to stay at school and university is not more attractive to me.

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