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How do I contact student finance england?

I got an email asking me to contact them to discuss a quite specific issue with my application. However, that email address is no reply and I can't find any other email address for them. When I phone them, the automatic service gives me options that don't include what I need to ask about and even the options I've tried all tell me to go to the website and say there is nothing I can do by calling them. The website doesn't have what I need and the live chat option doesn't work, no matter what time of day I try, I get past the frequently ask questions and click to speak to someone, and it tells me the live chat service is unavailable. How do I contact them?
It's bank holiday. Try contacting them during office hours tomorrow. Logging into your account and using live chat is usually the best option.

[@Emma:-) could you move this to Student Financial Support please? :smile: ]
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