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Kaplan workbook vs ICAEW workbook

I am starting my ACA course next month. I have been provided with two workbooks; Kaplan and ICAEW. The ICAEW one seems a lot more in depth while the Kaplan one is more concise. If I study only from the Kaplan book (and then do questions from the ICAEW question bank) will this be sufficient to pass my exams?
Hi there!

If you're undertaking tuition either online or in-person with Kaplan then absolutely. You will predominantly study and learn the topics using the Kaplan material and do question practice and revision from the ICAEW question bank.

The Kaplan workbook has been designed and written as a summary of the ICAEW Textbook, so contains exactly the same information. You may occasionally refer to the ICAEW Textbook to explore and understand a topic in more depth if you didn't understand it the first time. But most of the 'learning' is through the Kaplan book and the question practice is largely done through the ICAEW Question Bank and practice examination software.

Hope this helps!

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