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Rugby World Cup 2023 official discussion thread

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Original post by Saracen's Fez
Richie Arnold and it's 10-7 Australia

Can't see Portugal winning this but they might well give Australia a decent game!

Fun while it lasted ...
Original post by mqb2766
Fun while it lasted ...

...or maybe not :colondollar:
It's been weird having a pool round with no England, Ireland, Wales or France playing, and Scotland only in action against Romania.

There have been some fairly good games but it's felt like more of a weekend for the diehard fans, at least in Europe. I worry the competition has lost the neutrals a bit in this part of the world.
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Thank god for tmo
Original post by mqb2766
Thank god for tmo

It looked like it deserved a bit more of a look than it initially got really!
Spidercam law coming out as well! Feels a bit harsh that the scrum isn't taken where the kick was made though...
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Jez, lets kick it then forget to count to 60.
Original post by user123456324
Scrappy win by England today Japan were rubbish if we play a good team we will get rolled over

what is the population size of Samoa 🇼🇸
one point!
Original post by MedMama

what is the population size of Samoa 🇼🇸
one point!

Another scrappy win by England we will get rolled over after we leave our group to the knockout rounds
Ireland are just so ridiculously efficient.

And Zombie is just the best...
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Deserved fairytale for portugal. Fiji were fairly flat compared to their build up.
What an amazing result :party:

Portugal with their first ever win, Fiji in the quarter-finals and Eddie Jones on his way to the airport :woo:
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England (against Fiji) have a reasonable chance of getting through to the semis. Though ireland v the all blacks and les bleu v the boks have to be ones to watch.
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10 minutes to go, 2 points in it. C'mon boyos.
Only saw the last 10-15 mins of the first game but that felt like a bit of an upset on form before today!
Cracking game gromit
Ireland second-best at the breakdown and Wayne Barnes is taking no **** whatsoever from Porter and his angle in the scrum
Ultimately the team who made more true opportunities with their share of the ball won. Ireland had lots of great & dominant possession particularly from minutes 40-55 but failed to really fracture the NZ defense structure in that time period. NZ just more lethal on the stage when you have to be all in.

Bit of a gut punch for the Irish as I think it’s the best opportunity ive ever seen for them to get their hands on the webb ellis.
England looking their most coherent for a long time. Daly looked the best he has in a while; Itoje and Lawes were great; Ben Earl just did everything; Marcus Smith had some real bright sparks at fullback.

Don't see a place for Farrell, Smith and Ford in the 23 though and would rather have Steward or a winger on the bench. Likewise Ludlam over Vunipola for next week.
England (as always) holding the banner for the British isles nations. England in 2023 have looked disjointed & frankly the weakest they’ve been since probably pre Stuart Lancaster heading into the world cup.

Despite this managed to find a way and actually looked more organized today. Still will be a massive underdog next week. But at least for the first time in a while it feels like they could at least make another team beat them (rather then capitulate). Im not optimistic but still hopeful.
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