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Original post by waffelton
half term!
To be honest, I haven’t done as much work as I have hoped—but I still have time :smile:
I started making the book, and painted the pages red, and would have been done today, except I left it near my heater which made it all wet?? So that’s on hold for now.
I started my A1 painting, but I probably don’t have enough paint at home to finish it, so that’s on hold until Monday as well. Here’s the underpainting I did, but the proportions are a bit off so I might restart it?? Idk.
I’m working on the first draft of my English coursework today, and the second draft of my Art coursework, but I’m just not really in the mood :frown:

I got an offer from Nottingham a few days ago which I am quite happy about. Just waiting on Manchester, Durham, and Ox now. On Tuesday, I hope to talk to my classics teacher about sending in written work for Ox, so hopefully that goes smoothly.

your art looks great! congrats on the offers, very well deserved 😀
all the best with the rest of your revision!
week 11!
I finished my Art essay and am having a meeting with my teacher about it on Monday. This coming week is the last week before starting our final piece… so time to hit to art crunch! This weekend, I’m filling in all the blank spaces I’ve left in my sketchbook and doing a bunch of annotations. I’m also finally filming my poem so I can get it done by Monday. I have a huge list of things I need to get done, but I’m pretty confident it’ll all be finished by next week. I really really hope my grade has gone up. My art teacher is awful at saying whether my grade is good or not. She just kind of looks at our work, says it’s good, then hands you a nonchalant C once a year.

My English essay is.. not so great. I need to polish it up a lot for my meeting with my teacher on Monday. Our English mock is also on Monday, but we’re only doing the Shakespeare section due to a lack of time, which makes it a bit less stressful.

I got my 30 marker back from Classics and got 30/30 🙂 My Classics mock is on Friday, and we’re doing a full theatre paper for the first time… Hopefully it all goes well!

I did my presentation on Imperial Ideology yesterday, and feel much better about my EPQ. I’m thinking of tweaking my title slightly though, and will talk to my tutor on Monday.
week 12!
Had my mocks this week and they went okay I think? My English one did not go well lol.
I’m doing a big art crunch as we’re getting our sketchbooks marked next week, so hopefully I get that A

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