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Quitting my job - help

I am planning to quit my job soon, i have been really unhappy there for several months, although there are some nice days, overall i feel i need to move on to a better suited job for me.

There are multiple reasons - which i have not raised with my boss because i don't feel comfortable talking to him and he's part of the issue - so is the employee he likes who he just promoted instead of me. My mental health is NOT good right now, again not something i feel i can bring up at work.

I don't know who to talk to about these issue without it working against me. Shall i just quit and mention some in the exit interview? or is it a must in professionalism to try and fix them all first by talking to people?
Hi there,

You know, sometimes a job isn't for you and that's fine, but if you think there's a chance of fixing the problems and that you could remain in that job if it was all sorted out, it'd be the professional thing to do to at least bring up the issues you have and see what happens. Up to you to analyse if you think the situation is salvageable.

If you do decide to quit your job, I'd try to line up a new job first, if at all possible.

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