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Poll: What support do you need to prepare for University?

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What support do you need to prepare for University?

Life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.)14%
What I need to take to uni11%
Information on accommodation8%
Student finance advice11%
Money management (paying bills, student discounts, bank accounts etc.)18%
Mental health and wellbeing at uni13%
Academic support and study skills17%
Something else (tell us more in the thread!)1%
Total votes: 448

Hi there! :h:

So, results day is out that way and you're getting ready to start your university adventure, while there are exciting times ahead it can feel daunting considering all the different logistics that come with getting prepared for uni :confused:
We want to hear from you on what support you need to ensure you start uni life fully equipped for success! :bumps:

Share your thoughts so we can help to make this transition as smooth as possible. Returning to uni? share some of your top tips below and any advice you'd give to those starting university this year!
All of 'em :biggrin:
All of 'em :biggrin:

Same here honestly. But particularly budgeting and money
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Something else: A way of entering data faster than a keyboard that I can use in the library and doesn't take 12 months to learn.

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