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What are Unis that offer Degree Apprenticeship?

I’m in yr13 now, and my predicted grade from y12 was D*CC, although I want to push it to an D*BB. If I do get the grades I want, I want to do some technology degree apprenticeship (not doing Data Analytics or AI) what are some good universities I should look at for technology that may accept my grades?
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Universities facilitate the academic portion of your apprenticeship, or your day or block release for studies, they aren’t typically involved in the employment side.

This means your application would go to the employer, not the university. The employer would manage your university arrangements. Your first contact with the university would likely be when you go in and enrol on the course for your first day of study.

For specific grade requirements, you would need to refer to those requested by the employer in the job (apprenticeship) vacancy listing.

Never reject yourself, there’s people paid to do that. Submit applications for everything that interests you. Tailor your application specifically to that apprenticeship to demonstrate your interest, and how that position is your the next natural step in your studies.
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