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girls being tiny watch


    (Original post by Adhsur)
    Can't you just wear heels?

    I love my comfy trainers way too much-soooo need to find a comfy pair of boots-I find it so hard to get boots which fit my leg and don't just flap about!!! damn my stupid legs!

    (Original post by horrorboy)
    hey is my preference for small girls unusual :confused: just wondering (as you can see im going through a mad girl phase at the mo but i assure you this is my last thread on gals )
    i mean theres this girl who's about just under 5ft but shes SO tiny i mean her hips are really narrow but curve in proportion to her if you know what i mean, plus her arms are really thin but she's all in proportion. I just thought i might be a bit heavy for her
    Does this size put you bloke's off a bit? (please forget personality in this case)
    How does size make any difference?? :confused:
    I spose you could get a crick in the neck if they were too small/ too big. Apart from that though I dont really see there is a difference as far as attractiveness goes.

    Id rather small than tall though. It wouldnt make me feel small & inferior.

    (Original post by caffecooki)
    i'm 5ft10 and blonde which tends to get me alot of attention :rolleyes:
    How you doing...

    I watch too much Friends.

    Short Girls = VERY Cute!

    Im 4ft11 and I some people do say I look about 13 or 14 but I'm nearly 19 and my fiance is 21 and is 6ft2 and he looks about 26 - reallyold for his age! and when we are together in the begining people used to comment and be like "girl u need the yellow pages" lol - but now people are used to it and if they see me without him they like "omg where is he" - Height really really doesnt matter - as long as you like her and she likes u back and your personalities go together and you find her attractive then go for it - who gives a flying f*** what anyone else thinks!

    Good Luck

    Love Ladyshort
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