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surviving (hopefully) sixth form | year 12 journal

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in a bit of a rut bc a levels feel so hard already like i'm averaging at the same mark each test which isn't that bad but i'm not improving no matter how much revision i do :frown:(

anyway i think that just means that some more revision is needed lol

biology update notes
☐anki for the streak
☐psych notes
i cba to do more

so i did some chemistry and now i'm planning to do psych notes if my tablet decides to work today:iiam:

but anyway, i also need to do some catchup bc i wasn't in school yesterday

why does the weekend go so fast i swear

i had two online classes this morning and i cba to do anything but that's not an option


maths sheets (STATS)
maths catchup (STATS)
bio catchup (write out results table)
chem homework (BONDING)
learn shapes of molecules
revise for stats test
psych essay plan or whatever
manky anki

i don't think i'll be getting sleep

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