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How to transfer through ucas

How do I transfer to another uni for second year through ucas ???
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How do I transfer to another uni for second year through ucas ???

You contact the admissions office at you target university first, to make sure they're happy with the transfer, and to confirm what they need from you in terms of first year results etc.

Then you apply for the course through UCAS in the normal way with the following exceptions:
1. You specify a "Point of entry" of 2 (for second year) when adding details of the course.
2. You include details of your university education to date.
3. You use your existing university as you referee (rather then your school / college).

If your existing university has already provided an academic reference to you target university, then you may be able to forgo the reference in your UCAS application. Check with your target university about this.
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Are you hoping to transfer this year - ie to start Sept 2023?
Great advice above! It's vital to speak to our future prospect university first as they will need to make sure that the modules, and the credits, you have studied at your current university can be carried over into the new course and allow you to go directly into year 2 :smile:

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