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Erection Dysfunction

Discussing Treatments and Strategies for Erection Dysfunction
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Discussing Treatments and Strategies for Erection Dysfunction

Hey, it's Alice here from the Sexual Health organisation Brook :smile:

We're helping out with advice and support across threads on The Student Room all this week as part of Sexual Health Week 2023.

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is really common? It is most often seen in people with a penis over the age of 40 but it can happen to anyone at any time for a whole number of reasons!

It could be a medical issue but it could also be linked to stress and mental health, alcohol and drugs and even pornography!

Although erections can be a fun part of sex, if you are struggling with erections, there are lots of other ways to still have fun and pleasurable experiences both alone and with a partner. Try and take the pressure off a little bit and find other areas of your body that feel pleasurable to touch, or explore other intimate activities with a partner that aren't focused on the genitals. Not all sex has to involve erections, in fact for some people, it never involves erections, so explore all the other types of fun you can have instead!

If erectile dysfunction is having a significant impact on yourself, your relationships and your life, then it is best to reach out for support from a GP or a Sexual Health clinic.

For more information and advice, you can check out Brook's page about Erections and Staying Hard here -

Hope this helps!

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