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HELP!! i didn't get an acca exemption

Hi, i finished my first year of uni and missed out on 1 exeption (law)but passed the module, it was 44% and u need it to be 50% to be an exeption. Do exemptions matter a lot to employers because now i'll be down to 8 maximum. If so then should i try taking it on in the summer by paying for the exam or try asking the module leader to let me reset due to the exeption policy. I'm panicking so please any1 respond if you know so.
Hi there @robqttedcant!

No need to worry! I'd say exemptions matter more to you than to employers. They just mean you can qualify quicker than graduates without exemptions. If this is still worrying you, it won't hurt to contact your department and have a chat with them.

What's important is that you passed :smile:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @robqttedcant

I'm the Early Careers Manager at ACCA. Firstly, congrats on finishing your first year of uni! I would agree with the poster above, exemptions are a bonus but many employers aren't looking for them in particular and will put a graduate cohort through their ACCA exams with the expectation that most might not have exemptions or won't have the maximum amount and will want to support you regardless. Actually using exemptions is at the employers discretion (regardless of the qual/professional body) so occasionally, even if you have some exemptions there might be some exams your employer wants everyone to sit regardless. Exemptions can be a very helpful bonus, but not something that should cause you a lot of worry.

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