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period started during sex but immediately stopped??

i had (protected) sex on the week my period was due and during it i started bleeding so i assumed it was my period, i only bled a small amount
however ever since that one time i have not been been bleeding at all even for the rest of the day so i’m confused and concerned whether it was actually my period or not?? could there be another reason for my bleeding? could it if started but then stopped? the last thing i’d want to be is pregnant.
i’m hoping that my period is just late??
this has happened to me twice but it was like a lot of blood and clots. i went to the dr about it and she said there was nothing wrong, there could always just be a small internal cut or something. if you're on the pill it could be that, but honestly that just happens sometimes i'm sure you aren't pregnant but if youre that worried, just take a test to be safe but remember they dont show up positive until a week or two after

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