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some help or tips would be greatly appreciated from people who have done any of the iGCSE Edexcel subjects English Lit, English Lang, Higher Maths, Double Science! thank you :smile:
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Hi! I did iGCSE maths higher and got a 9.
I think what really helps with maths is a lot of practice, so if you don't understand a topic, watch a youtube video and then try to do some practice questions on that topic (just search up 'topic practice questions' and do them all. If you don't understand how to do some, the worked answers can be easily found online, and if not I used those apps that solve the questions for you. Analyse the answer and try to understand why you got the question wrong and why you have to do each step in order to get the correct answer.
For topics you are confident in, search up 'topic questions hard' and do the grade 9 questions using the same method as before.
Nearer to the actual exam, start doing past papers :smile:

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