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Do you think you'll go to any open days?

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Year 13s: do you think you'll go to any open days?

Yes - I've already got a few lined up37%
Yes - but I don't know which ones yet10%
I'll go to an online open day but not in-person4%
Maybe - but I haven't thought about it7%
No - it's a waste of time23%
No - it's too expensive10%
Something else (let us know in the comments)8%
Total votes: 268
Open days are a unique opportunity to find out first-hand what the university is like you'll get a few hours to root around and feel like you're already a student there.

So do you think you'll go to any open days?

Or maybe you'll save some time and money by only going to virtual ones?

You can find out how to get the most out of university open days over on The Uni Guide.

Let us know what you think :smile:
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Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere, so they're all simply too far away to attend. The closest uni to me is Cambridge, which I have been to, and that's still 2.5 hours away by car.
I've been to a couple of open days already and I have a couple more lined up

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