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Day in the Life of a 1st Year BMS Student

Welcome To My Day in the Life Of A Biomedical Science Student

As of 25th September 2023, I will officially be beginning my undergraduate course to get my MSci in Biomedical Science.

Here's a little bit about me: I am attending an RG university, I just sat my A-Levels in the summer so I'm fresh out of sixth form and I plan to be a clinical scientist OR academic clinician after university.



I have plans to pursue training after university (Insha'Allah) to be a clinical scientist.
I will update this blog daily with what my day at university which will include what I do in the time between lectures, seminars, etc and this will likely be in the form of a checklist so I can get stuff done.
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Monday 25th September: Day 1 of BMS

4 Lectures:
2 Introductory lectures

Planning to go through university sites to navigate how I can consistently study effectively and how to make my notes concise as well as starting some pre-practical quizzes.
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Finished my lectures. May have fell asleep so I’m writing up notes and doing a H&S module and tomorrow will be note taking in lectures and doing some lab prep for my practical on Thursday.
Monday 26th September: Day 2 of BMS

5 Lectures:
2 Cell Biology
1 Biochemistry
1 Genetics
1 Block Stage

Slowly losing the will to live. I don't particularly like this course and insha'Allah will be switching to another course.
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