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Gap Year

Im an 18M, and recently defered University for a year.

I want to get my life in order, but also want to get out more. I have no local friends.
maybe travel to different countries and be an au pair? i would recommend it because
a) an au pair helps with domestic work and childcare (while they get paid and free accomodation at the host house), which can really develop your experiences and skills which will largely help you getting your life in order as you experience living as an adult (looking after kid(s))
b) you want to get out more. going to another country to do that may seem a bit extreme but i think it's an amazing way to discover new cultures by living with a family living in that actual country, and explore and adventure by yourself and gain independence overall
c) you said you have no local friends (which is fine btw you don't need friends to 'get out more') but going to another country and possibly making an international friend (or someone who is also an au pair) is a great opportunity

i've never been an au pair myself but this is just my opinion based off what i've seen and read
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Hi im also taking a gap year and the same age as you and in the same situation lol. I'm focusing on working making money and building my hobbies but I get having no one to hang out with is lonely but take the time to take yourself out and be confident in being alone

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