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deciding subjects

i just started with my IBDP .
My current subjects are :-
English, Lang B ,and theater SL
BM ,Math AI , comp sci HL
I am not a very academically inclined student and i need help deciding if i should do Design and technology HL or Computer Science HL
I have no background in either of the subjects and i do not have time to decide between the two.
I cannot take both subjects as they are not fitting with my timetable . what subject should i pick ? I need a subject that will be easier to comprehend and easier to score .
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if u are taking compsci for hl with no gcse background it is going to be very difficult. Especially the IA's, unless you know coding beforehand it is super hard without any background and super time consuming since you are learning from scratch. DT should be relatively easier compared to compsci but its also not very easy either. you will have to do a project, I think its making a product with different aspects and stuff. they are both equally hard but it depends if you want to focus on the coding or design aspect. I would go for DT if I were you

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