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HS2; scheme to be watered down further?

Recent talks on HS2 have shown the project to be possibly watered down further, with the Birmingham to Manchester line next to be scrapped, the government has provided no guarantee on the route with news expected at the next Conservative conference on October 1st. Has this been a failure on the side of the UK government and ultimately a blow to Northern cities, once again ignored?
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This hugely over budget under performing piece of infrastructure build epitomises all that is wrong with the tendering process in the UK. If we haven't got the money to pay for projects we cannot keep borrowing. We should carefully examine why companies abroad are far more successful at delivering construction builds on budget and on time.

If all Governments were serious in its drive for 'levelling up' they would have started the construction of HS2 in the North in the first instance. They would have linked the West and the East in the North. The decision to ditch this over priced piece of land destruction for minimal expected returns is sadly the right one.
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Really as well just giving it up as a bad/corrupt job and sending everyone in London and Birmingham bills for the waste
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Plus, the amount of money to gave out in compensation for the Leeds line that was cancelled must have added to the cost, I remember when houses near me received compensation for a line that was never going to be built. Seems like that probably added to the cost.
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What I don't understand, is how does something budgeted to be £30 billion become £100 billion? Did they get a toddler to toss a coin or something? I am no project manager but even I understand about factoring in risk and in a large civil project like this inflation, increased costs and contingency should be right up there. So was the original £30 billion figure a political lie or is someone taking a p1ss in the face of the country on the way to the bank?
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All I'm thinking is those government contracts definitely weren't favourable to the taxpayer or anyone who would've used the line if it were built.
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One of the most egregious examples of waste of public funds.
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It should be stopped right now and consigned to a 'failed engineering project' on TV

There are some political leaders who continue the fallacy that building roads, bridges and other infrastructure will suddenly kick start the UK economy. It won't, it just covers our finite island in more tarmac. There are some serious concerns about those in power at Government who use their advantages to create business opportunities for themselves and close associates. The UK labour force is dead, and in need of a dose of reality. The golden goose is dead.

Those who dreamt up and commissioned HS2 (for the political elite moving out of London), those civil servants who researched it, the so called experts who checked the costings and the Lords who rubber stamped it should never be allowed to tender or work for a public or Government contract ever again.

How long before there is yet another public enquiry which will squander even more millions to get a totally predictable ineffectual outcome where no one is held accountable? The costs and losses of this venture just like the millennium dome are so dreadful and under reported. Yet ordinary low paid people will be expected to pay for this mess. It should be stopped. Tie up the loose ends and finish the job. You cannot keep throwing good money after bad hoping (like extreme high risk financial prospectors) that it will all suddenly turn good. It won't. How many new hospitals and staff would this vanity project saving ten minutes have paid for? Those minutes could have been saved by a more efficient integrated transport system not a vanity train to keep up with the EU.

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