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Letting me and my girlfriend go out alone

My names Elliot I’m in Year 11 and my girlfriends in year 10 with 6 months in between us. Basically things are going pretty well however we are now starting to discuss growing our relationship and taking it a bit further. Right now we see each other once a week on Sundays at church and we text a lot throughout the day and go on calls lots and things. However it’s getting to the point we are starting to crave that sort of physical relationship and want to start going out on dates every now and then. Our parents however are of African origin. Our mums know about our relationships and claim they want to support us and help us grow it in the right way and things but when we have asked in the past to go out alone they have said no not until we are passed the age of 18 as people would see it as fornicwting and stuff and also because of our dads. Dads are quite protective over their children in African households and are believers in the traditional form of thing where one gets an education first and then after that can they start looking for a husband or wife. Our mums are a little more relaxed I would say though but have been keeping our relationship away from our dads. So they probably think we’re close friends. I wanted to know in order to grow me and my gfs relationship and maybe eventually be able to go out and stuff and bear in mind we’ll be foing different sixth forms as wel live about 40 mins drive from one another what’s the best way for us to navigate things. A step by step type of thing that’s clear would be nice to have. Thank you!

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