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Illegal Immigration

Across the world we are seeing illegal immigration. It is quite clear at this point that it is being allowed, and being funded.

What are your thoughts on this?

What war exactly are people claiming to flee?

Why only men?

Do you think it is a good use of tax money?

What long term effects on society do you think it will have?

Do you have any security concerns?

Genuinely curious to read the room here.
If it's being allowed and funded it's hard to call illegal, tbh it's also not as clear as you imply.

Plenty fighting and persecution going on across the globe, but whoever said they have to all be fleeing a war?

I believe your claim it is only men arriving appears obviously misleading, can you back it up?

Helping out people that need it seems as good a use of taxpayer money as most stuff, bearing in mind we seem on the verge of cancelling HS2 as a cost of what? £40+ billion The desolate Brexit festival and the last PM essentially trashed a lot of our economy in a matter of weeks for an ego boost, that's just three off the head examples of us scooshing our own money right up the wall with no ones help.

Long term we would prob have more people and a more diverse and less xenophobic culture and we frankly need the motivated labour. I have little specific security concerns beyond those that are already monitored and I doubt any immigrant is going to being us new crimes that we don't already do ourselves. Also since we've spent most of the last 25 years bombing rando families out of their homes/lives I don't think as a state or society we get to moan much that people come here needing a home or get precious over the quality of people, not for a long time anyway.
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I didn't have illegal immigration is good because the government messed up HS2 on my bingo card :s-smilie:

The breach of law makes it illegal. The law being covered by the Nationality and Borders Act.

RE the men only claim. I'm going off every photo and video I've seen of immigrants arriving in France, Italy, UK and America over the past month. If you have any evidence to the contrary from a reputable I'd be happy to see it. But every single bit of information, on every news source and across social media I have seen is males only (as per The Independent):

Your assumption that people "need help" leads back into one of my questions: what eactly are they fleeing? Are you able to point to anything specific? Specifically a situation where thousands of men would leave behind their wives, sisters and children?

RE the last PM: the Bank of England allowed pension funds to wager on perm low interest rates through derivatives. They printed huge quantities of cash, quantative easing and negative interest rates resulting in large asset bubbles, inflated house prices. Treasury bonds collapsed because we have £2 Trillion in debt, not because of some little tax cut.

RE a more diverse culture, what specifically are you looking to see from the gentlemen who have illegaly entered the country? Not having a poke at you, genuinely curious to understand your thought process? Have you joined any "Meet Up" groups to specifically experience this culture yourself? It would seem this would be one of the first things you would do as such a promponent for it, and excited about what it is to deliver?
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There are different factors:

There's a lot of women and children that do come, but they don't come on boats like that through the channel, well because it's pretty dangerous, they come through different legal means and there's usually ways set up by European governments for legal immigration for families that are fleeing war or displaced somewhere to be brought to the country legally, since women and children are seen as vulnerable and a priority, therefore more help. While there's no such thing for single men, which leaves them only very few options like taking a dangerous boat ride.

There's also the factor that because men are better equipped to take the hard journey than women and children who usually stay in other countries, and wait for the men to make family reunion applications for them once they arrive in their destination country. Also the fact that some of these men are fleeing military conscriptions in their countries, while women don't have to worry about conscription and getting drafted to be blown up in some tanks.

As for why this is happening, while I have a bunch of opinions that I don't think would be very popular on this place and I can't be bothered going into too much detail about them anyway. However the liberal "lets welcome everybody" mentality, while it might seem like it's coming from a good place and maybe it is, is not very wise. And the right mentality of "illegal immigration is illegal therefore it's always bad, go back to where you came from" is quite hateful and ignorant. Both sides get it wrong on immigration and both come from a place of ignorance.
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