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Housing Crisis

I know this is a subject that causes debates but has immigration fuelled the housing crisis? Immigration is a good thing but I do think it should be controlled
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For me, instead of blaming immigration for a lack of housing. I'd blame the system that allows people to flip, sell, and own empty homes for investment without the prospect of selling to people who need them. Including a government which has promised but failed to build affordable housing that meets the demands of the UK (and by that I mean actually affordable, as the classification as such is only 80% of standard price). With the government target of 300,000 homes per year being missed by about 50-80,000 homes.
Immigration is already controlled. my only comment would be people that slip in under the radar/fail to leave and don't show on a census as government and local councils have no way to plan for them.

More people wanting homes will always be a factor in the number of homes available, but as above the UK has somewhat gave up on building affordable or decent quality housing and a lot of social housing was sold off.
The uk housing crisis is caused by not having enough affordable properties available for the average uk citizen to rent or buy in many parts of the uk.

This is mostly because of not enough affordable properties being built in areas with lots of demand for them and low salaries for lots of uk workers that mean they don't earn enough to buy or rent a property to live in.
Also some local authorities have sold off their old housing stocks that were supposed to provide emergency housing and medium term accomodation for very low income local citizens with health problems or young children.
Or left the majority of their housing stock empty, derelict and unfit for human habitation.
There are also a few local authorities that have a very harsh stance about not allowing planning permission change of use for business buildings, disused churches, other places of worship, farm outbuildings and stables to provide new housing stocks so that people will be able to live in them.

But the large numbers of overseas workers with visas but no employer provided accommodation to live in and very entitled asylum claimants demanding to either stay in uk housing accommodation outside of detention facilities or be given free short term hotel accommodation for their younger relatives.
This have made the existing uk housing crisis a lot worse than it would have otherwise been.

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