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Please help me in deciding university and courses

Hello there! I am a recent law graduate from Nepal. I really want to purse my further studies and legal career in UK so recently I have doing a lot of research and I found that before I get to attend SQE and Bar exam I need to do GDL but some of the people are saying that no you can directly pursue LLM and then 1 year of LPC or BPC then you can attend the SQE and bar exam. So I’m confused that which of the information is right and if I can directly pursue LLM without GDL and LPC or BPC then which university is best. And regarding the course, I have a great interest in criminal law but a lot of people are saying that it is hard to get into the field when it comes to criminal law. So I am thinking of commercial law and intellectual property law. Can anyone please guide me through this dilemmas. And I have having these course dilemmas then is it right to choose LLM general for now so that I can get more clarification later?

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