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Is it mandatory to have work experience in your personal statement?
Almost everyone I have talked to has done some sort of work experience etc. and I have not. I had an 'opportunity' to shadow at a local firm but they were unreliable so that did not work out. I was wondering if the lack of work experience in my ps would look bad compared to other personal statements since then mine would mostly be academic related.
From what I know Oxford does not really care about what you write in your PS... It does vary on the college and the specific person assessing your PS, but they are largely irrelevant compared to other parts of your application. It's mostly because they know that some students are more fortunate with their opportunities than others and they know it's probably not the student's original work. Coming from direct conversations with professors (not law specifically, but humanities like PPE EP and PPL). Although do keep in mind that you should still make it the best it can possibly be, as it is, after all, a part of your application.

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