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A Levels set to be scrapped

Relax, this is a decade from now.

I don't particularly like this. Having experienced other education systems, I loved A levels and thought them to be the superior option. More detailed education than other countries, and you get to study what you want. I do think students should have English and Maths, whether they like it or not, at GCSE, but past that point, it serves little purpose to study them if you don't want to, other than to annoy students. I'm calling these new qualifications S levels, after the mastermind behind it. Thoughts?
I like the fact I don't have to do maths and English because I didn't particularly enjoy them and forcing people to do subjects they don't want to do at a level that is far more advanced than is necessary for most people doesn't seem like the best use of time. They could actually teach life skills and stuff like that instead.
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Playing football with the Britain's education system as usual....

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