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ESRC funding - protocol when applying to multiple universities in scheme

Hi all,

I'm in the process of applying for politics PhDs at 5 or 6 UK universities, most of which primarily provide their funding via ESRC. No guarantees of course, but I'll quite possibly receive offers from multiple universities which participate in ESRC.

I'll then need to pursue funding through the scheme. What's the protocol here? If hypothetically two universities both agree to advance me as a proposed candidate for ESRC funding, do I need to do anything more? Should I choose one or the other, and/or would it seem strange if two universities both put forward similar proposals for ESRC funding on my behalf? (All the universities would be in different DTPs, fwiw.)

Perhaps in the end I'll only get a funding offer from one or none of the universities, of course - but I thought I'd check as this might affect where I initially apply. Thank you!

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