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(16+ KCS) How much does the written part of the application matter?

I'm somewhat disorganised and completely forgot about the king's application until last night so I submitted everything in a rush, turns out I misinterpreted the final question. Does anyone know if what you wrote matters to the admissions staff or if they care more about your school report etc. ? :s-smilie:
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I’m also applying for 2024! Are you doing the exam on Saturday? I’m not really qualified to answer your question but based on what I’ve heard, the entrance exams are the most important part of the admissions process. Also I kind of misinterpreted the last question too because I wasn’t sure if they wanted to know about why you chose your subjects or why you chose King’s. I’d assume a lot of people would’ve been confused by that and I don’t they’re that picky about if you answered the question exactly, but rather they’d focus on the information you’ve given them to determine what kind of student you are. The only thing you should probably keep in mind is that in the interview I think they sometimes refer back to what you wrote for questions and also they look for generally well-rounded people so it would be good if in the written part you mentioned a wide variety of activities and interests.

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