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Will World War 3 happen soon?

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Original post by Fullofsurprises
It is possible that China and India will kick off, but they already did in a small part of the Himalayas recently and it was fairly carefully contained - yes, they are competing, but they also both have an interest in not letting their competition go insane.

I feel that several other disputes are more plausible - one is India/Pakistan - that might kick off seriously again and if so, draw in Russia, China and the US. I suppose that might be a variant on the India/China fallout though.

The other one that feels more ultimately likely to me is not Taiwan but North Korea. I feel that the regime will grow more and more scared, bellicose and risk taking. I suspect that one day they will suddenly go nuts and attack S. Korea or perhaps Japan. That might well precipitate a global conflict with China, if Xi or his next successor is deluded enough to want to defend them.

Why, out of interest, on DPRK? Not much has changed from when the armistice came into effect bar their weapons have grown.
Same question for India/Pakistasn actually, what makes you think Russia would be drawn in? China and America obviously, each for different reasons though but Russia is not an ally to either one. Its friendly with New Delhi but thats about its only connection.
Original post by Fullofsurprises
It's often said that China could not accept Western forces at its land border, therefore even though they might view Kim's crazed performative dictatorship as irritating, they would join him in war. Anyway, I'm sure Kim hopes this - although perhaps now he's depending on his new bestie Vladimir. :rolleyes:

Not unreasonable as the West (US) is actively hostile to them though.
Either way, a nice 3rd order effect of Ukraine now, thanks to our response DPRK is now actively working on a much better relationship with Russia. Whom can happily supply them with the technology to make them untouchable. Their poxy scrap nukes and missiles could easily become a serious threat now.
I really believe by the end of this decade a world war will start
Original post by Heaven girl
I really believe by the end of this decade a world war will start

Fair enough. I just wonder why you think this and how it will start in your opinion in this decade.
World War 3 will not be fought like World War 2 any more than World War 2 was fought like World War 1.

World War 3 is likely to have already started, with hacking and political manoeuvring and proxy wars being the way that it is waged. It will be waged via control of natural resources and economic power as much as it will be by missiles and bullets.

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