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foundation year medicine/gateway to medicine

do gateway to med courses have lower ucat thresholds, my score was 2490, band 3 and im unsure if i'll get any offers because of this. my predicteds are AAB however most gateway courses say im not eliglble because it's too high so I've considered bringing it to ABB, which doesnt seem to practical?? my teacher said she could bring it to AAA but isn’t sure it’s a good idea so i decided not to. my gcse's were three 8s, four 7s, one 6, one 5 and one 4. ive also done an EPQ which was marked a B as the entire cohort was dropped either one or two grades. so im currently getting that remarked. i also wrote my personal statement as if i was applying to an A100 med course. im wary if this is too risky because of my UCAT. does anyone have any suggestions.
also do they tend to be more competitive than A100.
i was thinking of considering:
manchester (but they want AAA)
leeds (i meet grades for A100 course so there’s another access to leeds route, but then again my ucat vs other A100 applicants)
kings (they do take UCAT into consideration)

my other option is to keep the AAB grades and apply to other science related courses and gateways that dont mind my grade such as leicester. if i reduce my grades an apply for leicester my points to get in (i calculated them as they rank you with UCAT, gcse, and predicted combined) it will be harder as my predictions will go lower and they only have 10 places available for everyone not in the east midlands.

any ideas on which path i should take?? i really do want to apply for medicine though
did you apply for medicine?

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