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Civil engineering help

Hello everyone , I am studying civil engineering . The first two years were great , however since third year things haven't went good for me regarding university. I can barely pass one-two subjects each semester and there are 25 of them left right now. I am entering 7th year now. Due to university city is away from my native city it's difficult to me to attend those classes as I lack money and moving back and forth to these two cities costs a lot of money. I cannot understand many of the subjects and as well don't like my department. I also don't like the professional rights my department degree has.
My problems don't end here as if I haven't finished by 2028 the department will kick me out , and my parents are forcing me to finish university as soon as possible , pressure makes me perform worse than I can. My dad also tells me to find a job as well to financially stabilise myself. I cannot have a job and trying to finish university together, there isn't enough time daily for me to do both.

What should I do ? Finish my current department , giving up current department and starting on a new one on my native city , or to find a job right now and continue on any department at a future time. Any help will be aprecciated. Thanks in advance !!!

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