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Ulaw LLM SQE 1 & 2

My training contract provider has allowed us to choose between doing Ulaw SQE prep courses or SQE alongside an LLM.

Does anyone have any experience doing an LLM alongside SQE preparation? Would it be worthwhile to do the masters?

I'd also appreciate any experiences with doing the SQE with Ulaw.
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Just finished the ULaw LLM course. I passed the SQE1 fine, but had to delay the SQE2 (from October to January) because there was no way I was going to be ready for it. In my experience, having to take the SQE Plus courses really got in the way of prepping, and I forgot a lot of the FLK I had built up for the SQE1 during those three months. Having an extra degree will be nice, but not sure I would opt for the LLM course if I could choose again.
If you do end up doing the LLM, I would just make sure that you start prepping for the SQE2 a lot sooner than when the SQE2 course actually starts for the programme

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