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Hi everyone!

I've been in a very toxic relationship for 7 years. I've been trying to get out of it for the longest time but I'm a very guilt feeling person and take the blame too often. My boyfriend left work about 9 months ago and "spent" any savings he had. I then had to take approximately 4.200 USDs of my mums money to assist him month to month. I then found out that he wasn't using the money to pay his expenses but again he "spent" the money.he never ever remembers what he spent the money on and then claims his bank account was hacked. Years ago, he would accuse me of buying drugs and just this year i found out that he has been taking coke for a few years now. When I get my monthly salary, he would constantly ask me for money,he would blow the money within a day. Most months, he forces me to send him my last cent. I end up being broke until my next pay day. My dad passed away a few months and he did not attend the funeral because he was "too scared" to be in attendendance of a funeral. He bust my lip twice and sprained my finger to the point that the nail fell off. Trust me, I fought back but he blames me for his actions. His father sold his car because he hasnt been paying for hit so he ubers to me, takes my car and doesn't bring it back. I made he decision to block him and end things but he still keeps trying to contact me in anyway possible. He also pitches up at my house until I give in. What do i do? I feel as if im being taken advantage of. When i picked my car up from his place he started swearing me,but its my car, its my right to have my car back.

Please can someone advise me, what would you do in this situation?
Give the money up for lost, break up and cease all contact.
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Also, report him to the police for assault and harassment.
Change all your phone numbers and email addresses that he has got.
Keep him blocked, switch all your social medias to private, don't have any further contact with him and do not give him any money no matter what he says.

File police reports against him for harassing you demanding your money.
The next time he takes your car without permission report the theft to the police.
Inform the police that your ex is a violent use of cocaine and make sure that they know that he well be driving other people's cars with no insurance & under the influence of an illegal drug.

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