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Provisional license help

Hi so I'm helping my brother who's 19 get ID as he has no passport or anything
And he's gonna need ID if he wants job or of course purchasing alcohol

So I thought provisional would be easy option but the thing is its different compared to how I did mine

So I had a passport so I used that photo and I got my license in 5 days simple.. Didn't need to sign or send anything

But he hasn't got one so it's looking bit confusing so we doing it online and that and because he hasn't got photo ID
We have to post birth certificate and national insurance letter right? And of course my mums partners mum is retired vicar so she can sign it cos she sign for my passport 2 years ago (in case it's needed)

But how does it work because he cant use the digital photo code u get from them photo booths in like asda and that which is what I did for my passport

Does he get email after hes filled the application online to say what to do next and where to send documents and does he have to get behind photo signed and to post those with his supporting documents

do they send a form out to his address cos the thing is the person who's signing it lives 2hrs drive away and he's only here for 2 weeks and I don't want him having to take another 40 quid train ticket for her to just sign a form when she could easily done that online instead by using her email
And what does she have to write behind photo if she does have to do that

Has anyone one applied for licence online without passport


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